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San Marco Group Spa is the leading Italian manufacturer and distributor of paints and varnishes for the professional building sector. With a history that began in 1937 in Venice on the initiative of Cav. Pietro Tamburini, it is now run by the fourth generation of entrepreneurs of the Geremia family, having evolved into a benchmark company also on the international scene. Decorativi San Marco instead is a brand of San Marco Group Spa S.p.A. and is specialized in decorative paints and varnishes.

A new idea of decoration

The element of color and its texture has assumed vital importance in modern architecture. If the latter - as wrote Le Corbusier - must be “a fact of art, a phenomenon that arouses emotion”, the color is a foundational principle in its design.
Colors, materials used and surface effects become constituent ingredients that contribute to the originality of the project, playing the light and space in an innovative way.

For this reason San Marco Group Spa puts today at the disposal of professionals of color much more than a product range: it offers a wide range of creative solutions and effects and decorative finishes with a strong personality and undeniable charm, able to meet the manifold needs of interior decoration and style.

With more than 30 decorative products, 50 textures, 1500 colors available, and almost endless combination possibilities, the products give way to real creations able to dress the walls and result in stylistic atmospheres, where the emotional impact of the decoration interacts with space and influences the use of an environment.

A new idea of decoration

A collection born from the synthesis of tradition, craftsmanship and research, deeply linked to the idea of “beautiful and well done”, characteristic of the best made in Italy, and inspired by an international outlook: this is the Decorativi San Marco line able to offer unique solutions, tailored to every single customer, innovative and efficient, in line with current market trends as part in the fields of decor, design and architecture.

  • 1500colours available
  • more than50textures
  • endless combinations

Venice and the art of decoration

From fillers and plasters, to wrought iron, inlaid wood and mosaics, the highest quality of the Venetian products and the splendour of the residences along the Grand Canal have long testified to how the Venetian art workshops give materials a life-force, transforming them into a décor that is synonymous with 'refinement' the world over.

This was the vision that the Tamburini-Geremia family drew upon to start their business in 1937 with the company called simply Pietro Tamburini; In 1962, a few kilometres from Venice, on the mainland, the company grew and was transformed into Colorificio San Marco, a public limited company that was structured to bring together research, expertise, quality, attention to detail and inventiveness, thus transferring the great tradition of Venetian art and craftsmanship to interior decoration.

A new idea of decoration

A family story

The story began in 1937, when Cavalier Pietro Tamburini, the business founder, left the dairy farm he had opened in 1920, to start selling white and coloured earth powders to decorative painters and craftsmen who used them for stuccoes, marbles when decorating Venetian palaces.

Una storia di famiglia
Mr. Pietro Tamburini and his daughter Alessandrina.

Nel1962, with his daughter Alessandrina, he started selling paints and varnishes, and relocated to a Venetian villa on the mainland. It was indeed Alessandrina who would take over the reins, instilling a culture of work and research inspired by those values still today so rooted in the company's genes: strong ambition, perseverance, respect towards collaborators, transparency, and ethics.

Under her leadership, the company took on an industrial dimension, with the setting up of a new R&D laboratory which became the engine of innovation. With her son, Federico Geremia, current President, the company finally became leader in the domestic market thanks to the winning ranges of new products and the introduction of the Professional Assistance Centres.
In those years of rapid growth, the Tamburini-Geremia family remained true to its vision, and alternated its passion for the company and its work with the love of art through a relentless pursuit and continued support of the culture of its own territory.

A family story
The Geremia family, today.

Today, thanks to the supervision of Federico, and the commitment of his children Mariluce, Marta and Pietro, the company has developed into a Group highly committed to an ambitious internationalization strategy which sees it present in over 100 countries.

Una storia di famiglia
Mr. Pietro Tamburini and his daughter Alessandrina.
Una storia di famiglia
The Geremia family, today.
Creators of beauty

A made in italy know-how

The commitment and passion of Geremia’s family towards quality and research, combined with unparalleled manufacture wisdom, put the vocation of the company in the wake of the most authentic made in Italy, not only as manufacturing expertise as well as cultural identity.

The ability to incorporate in the material and in the product high aesthetic dimension implies not only an expertise rooted in tradition, but also a high rate of innovation that can strengthen the symbolic value that maximizes the product as a symbol of “Italian Lifestyle”.

A made in italy know-how

This is especially true for the Italian world of decor, which made of design the flag of a distinctive excellence as to conquer international markets. At this same size also belongs the mission of Colorificio San Marco, that through the proposal of of high quality decorative aesthetic solutions it returns to contemporary a rich heritage of traditional craft techniques by innovating with research of new materials and trends for a contemporary Italian lifestyle.

Professionals of decoration

The Research and Development laboratory of Colorificio San Marco has played a major role in the growth of the company, so that the full range of products for the domestic market and for export, has been completely developed internally.

Its main task is to transform insights and creativity into successful products. This is why the research laboratory is an environment in which takes place a continuous exchange of ideas in an open and engaging way.

Professionals of decoration

The team of researchers, in fact, not only creates new products and improves existing formulations, but is a real pillar for the support of all other business functions. It is entrusted with tasks of primary importance, such as the constant control of quality and productivity, or the resolution of environmental issues to minimize the impact of products and processes.

The investments made in recent years have allowed us to further expand the laboratories and to create cutting-edge tools room. Just the instrumental investigation led to the discovery of new features and capabilities of the paint products, for both the decoration and the restoration of buildings of merit or historic interest.

The choice of sustainability

La sostenibilità è diventata una delle coordinate fondamentali della nostra esistenza. Ci poniamo (e ci viene posto) frequentemente il problema se le nostre azioni siano “sostenibili” oppure no. Gli effetti delle nostre attività si ripercuotono sempre, più o meno invasivamente, nell'intero ecosistema. La domanda che dobbiamo porci, quindi, non è SE un'azione, una scelta, un comportamento sia sostenibile ma QUANTO lo sia.

Il mondo scientifico si pone questo quesito da diversi decenni e la risposta più univoca riconduce alla Life Cycle Assessment cioè l'analisi del ciclo di vita del prodotto. Nella metafora del ciclo di vita, la “culla” è il prelievo dei materiali grezzi dai giacimenti, dalle cave e dalle miniere. La "tomba", invece, sarà la degradazione che gli stessi materiali, trasformati, subiranno nelle discariche, negli inceneritori o, preferibilmente, in altri processi che li reimpieghino.

It is necessary to understand everything that happens between these two events to consciously judge its sustainability features. This is confirmed by national, European union community and international guidelines.
San Marco Group Spa has used this tool extensively: in 2010 published the first certified environmental declaration. In 2013 the first issue of “environmental data sheet” of the product: an exclusive information tool containing the potential impacts of a wide range of products in the catalog.

Protecting the environment, respect for nature, the well-being of employees, the sensitivity to the artistic tradition of Italy and Venice are the elements that define the ethics and the corporate responsibility towards society and the territory.

The choice of sustainability
1. Extraction and processing raw materials - 2. Transport of raw materials to San Marco Group Spa - 3. Production - 4. Packaging production - 5. Product distribution - 6. Use phase - 7. Packaging End of Life

The power of numbers

Today the Group vaunts 11 production and business sites around the world, and 7 brands. It is among Italy's leading companies in the paints and coatings for the professional construction sector, and is a benchmark company in the upscale interior decoration world, where, as a trend-setter, it exports the "made in Italy" culture worldwide.

The main production site extends over more than 78,000 sq. m, in Marcon (province of Venice). Built according to the most advanced manufacturing technology, it includes three automated plants, which can produce 35,000,000 kg/year overall of water-based paints, thick coatings and lime products, and three production units for colour pastes, and water-based enamels and varnishes and specialities, for a capacity of 10,000,000 kg/year.

The preferential partners are the Professional Assistance Centres (CAP) , a select group of distributors with which the company has developed strong partnerships, specializing in assisting customers in all issues related to San Marco's creations.

The power of numbers

Abroad, through specialized distributors, the company is present in 6 continents and over 100 countries worldwide. The commercial and manufacturing structure is constantly expanding due to a policy that aims at increasing internationalization through participation in the most important trade fairs, and a presence in foreign markets through specialized showrooms.

  • 11production and
    commercial sites
  • 7brands
  • 78.000sqm surface in the
    main manufacturing plant
    of Marcon - Venice
  • 100countries in which San Marco distributes its products

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